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Castor Wheels, Aluminium Ladder, Fasteners, CRANES/PULLEYS

Castor Wheels

Castor Wheels

There is a great demand for diversified high quality durable caster wheels in rapidly emerging market. We have achieved success in setting up highly advanced infrastructure to manufacture castor wheels.

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Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium Ladder

We are specialized in fabricating and supplying a wide range of ladders of all types and sizes. Well, equipped with superior high-tech production. Our innovations and testing facilities enabled us as top manufacturer of aluminium ladder.

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We manufacture perfect fasteners of highest precision and durability with a proven record of long term lifespan. We have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of fasteners in Dubai. Get precise fasteners here.

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Our technology is very well equipped for manufacturing a crane pulley block, also called a Sheave, which is composed of a wheel on an axle. We are committed to bring Sheaves to our customers in Dubai and UAE.

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We are established pioneers in manufacturing castor wheels, fasteners, aluminium ladders and pulleys which are prime requirements of many businesses, hence prevailing in the trade & supply of Material. We are dedicated team of

> Highly qualified team

> Oldest and largest stock lists in UAE

> Value for money & reliable partner

> Respect for clients needs

> Dependable service

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    We value customer satisfaction through integrity and teamwork and hold our standards high. Our continuous innovation, creative mind-set, and our attention to details to see our customers succeed is what drives us to deliver superior performance.

    As our motto suggest- “we try and build a better customer experience by gaining their trust and providing them with complete satisfaction in terms of value and quality”.


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    We have 40 years experience in construction

    Caster Wheels
    Aluminium Ladder


    We have firmly established ourselves as a market leader in the manufacturing & supply sector of Aluminium Ladders, Castor wheels, and are the largest stockist of standard and special fasteners, pulleys and a variety of other hardware consumables.

    We have a reputation of manufacturing high quality products as per the standards and our products have longer lifespan. Hence our footprint in both industrial and commercial areas is high and high customer satisfaction rate in UAE.

    > Unique Design

    > Varieties of Products

    > Consistent Highest Quality

    > Excellent Support

    > Longer lifespan

    > Strict Quality Testing


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